How to maintain the best walk behind mower for hills?

best riding mower for hills

The mowing and pruning season of urban and extra-urban vegetation is in full swing and in this period there is no neighborhood where the noise of a lawnmower running at least once a week is not heard. For that reason, it is important to buy the best walk behind lawn mower for hills.

If you too are looking for a ride-on mower, along with various other types of vehicles, all guaranteed, certified and checked by our experts: in fact, maintenance is one of our flagships, aspect even more important in the case of rental machines!

To get an idea of ​​the care and attention we put into our work, we have decided to explain to you what are the most relevant aspects in the maintenance of our ride-on mowers, among the most requested vehicles at the moment.


First of all, the maintenance of a ride on mower is not carried out all at once, but is divided into at least three stages:

  • checks before the start of the mowing season
  • the controls when using the ride-on mower
  • checks at the end of the season before storing the vehicle

Maintenance before the start of the mowing season

Before making a ride-on mower available for rental, we must make sure that it works correctly, since it is usually a vehicle that is practically not used during the winter season.

One of the most delicate aspects to check is the electrical panel, starting with the battery: as we will see later, one of the things to do at the end of the season is to disconnect the battery so that it does not drain, but, after months of inactivity, it is still important. Check the level of electrolytes and, if necessary, top up the cells.

Once the battery has been checked, the correct operation of the warning lights, lights and ignition mechanisms is checked, cleaning and intervening to fix any non-functioning electrical contacts.

Finally, we check the blades, checking their sharpness and eliminating any residues left over from the previous season, and the pressure of the tires, which must not be deflated.

Maintenance of a ride-on mower: what to check during use

During the mowing season, the precautions to be taken are different and it is good that they are carried out by both the renter and the user of the ride-on mower, in order to avoid the inefficiency of the vehicle and the loss of quality in the cut. It is also essential for everyone to have the best walk behind mower for hills to make their lawn attractive and fresh because it helps to relax their mind after a tiring day.

Image shows one of the best lawn mower for hills

Before each use it is therefore recommended to check:

  • The engine oil level and top up if necessary
  • The filter cleaning air and candles
  • The condition of the tires
  • Adhesion and wear of the drive belt

Furthermore, freshly cut grass is much softer and easier to remove, which is why it would be advisable to remove it immediately after each mowing: a jet of water is often enough to wash it away.

Maintenance of the ride-on mower at the end of the season

At the end of the summer, when the mowing season ends, it is advisable to take some specific measures before parking the ride-on mower in the warehouse, so as to keep it at its finest condition during the next period of inactivity. The best large walk behind lawn mower for hilly terrain are two and there is always a comparison can be seen between both of them i.e. husqvarna vs john deere.

Before storing the ride-on mower it is important to completely empty the petrol tank and the carburetor, so that no deposits remain. Considering that the mower will not be used for a long period of time, it is also advisable to disconnect the battery so as not to discharge it.

Finally, about once a year it is advisable to sharpen the blades and replace spark plugs, air and fuel filters and engine oil: the end of the cutting season is the best time for this type of maintenance.


As you will have understood, we are particularly keen to offer the best possible service, making sure to always provide our customers with efficient and functioning vehicles.

In addition to ride-on mowers, we offer various other machinery suitable for green maintenance: do you want to rent one too?

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