How Green Robot Vacuums Helped to Keep the Community Clean?


Robot Vacuums are a great addition to the community as they can keep the large spaces clean with its robotic technology. Apart from cleaning, it is also considered one of the greatest invention to keep the environment clean and noise free because of it’s startling features. Few of the features are highlighted below,

Connectivity and management via the app

Every time, there are more robots than are manageable through an application on the mobile. What began as a characteristic of the high-end range has spread and there are already robots for less than 200 euros that can be controlled from the smartphone.

The usual operation is as follows: an app is downloaded to the mobile, usually available for iOS and Android; and on the other hand, the best central vacuum system i.e. robot is connected to the Wi-Fi at home (the most common will be that it has to be done on the 2.4 GHz network and not on the 5 one), by pressing a button or combination of buttons.

For those who do not have a Wi-Fi router, it is also possible that they can do so by sharing a mobile connection, although in this case, it may happen that the mobile that shares the connection may not be the same one from which the robot is operated.

Once the app is installed and the robot is connected to the Internet through Wi-Fi, it will be possible to operate the device from anywhere and at any time. We have the connection that we have in the mobile, whether it is through a Wi-Fi or a data plan, we can give orders to the robot from work, the street, or a cafeteria.

Thanks to the app, we can enjoy various functions: it will normally show a map of the home, in which we will see how the robot is cleaning, we will have access to cleaning statistics, we can program the robot or even, in some cases, we will see the status of items such as brushes and reservoir, or when it is recommended to change them.


Robot vacuum cleaners are, in general, considerably quieter than conventional vacuum cleaners. Usually, they move between 60 and 70 decibels, although there are quite a few models below 60 and even some in 50 dB or less, such as the Dibea D850 or the Bagotte i7.

Therefore, the noise emitted by a robot is usually quite bearable, and in many cases compatible with the performance of other activities.

In addition, since the vast majority are programmable and many are manageable by the app (or even if they are not, we can simply put them to work and leave), on many occasions we will not even be at home when the device is cleaning.

In this way, noise is an aspect to take into account, but it may not be decisive, far from it.



The autonomy of a robot is usually measured in minutes. 90 minutes, 120, 150. It is an important aspect, but really what we should be interested in is how many square meters it can clean, and that not only depends on the capacity of your battery, but on the operation of your navigation system.

The more advanced the navigation system, the more it will be able to clean at the same time. Therefore, when comparing, we must take into account both factors; if we have the autonomy information in square meters, much better.

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